Bauhaus Rerouted

Bauhaus Rerouted. The Hildesheim Future World Heritage (Web) Site Collecting cultural and social practices that could be included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List in times to come, ›The Hildesheim Future World Heritage (Web) Site‹ will put the programme's suggestions up for world-wide discussion – in earnest playfulness, with innovative experimental formats developed in the spirit of Bauhaus. As a window to the world, it will not only present cultural projects with the specific aim to become a future World Heritage, but also serve as a platform for academic and artistic research as well as a dynamic archive to secure the programme's legacy. Various analogue formats on the premises of the UNESCO World Heritage Fagus Factory – the masterly, architectural debut work of Walter Gropius – will generate and share transdisciplinary knowledge in close cooperation with the University's programme for Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice, HAWK's design students and the Fagus Factory. Including many international partners from science, design, and the arts, we will explore "care" as a potential Future World Heritage. Note: Project draft from the 'Bid Book' of Hildesheim 2025 - A European Province of Culture. Candidate City for the title European Capital of Culture 2025, September 2020
Ansprechpartner: Elisabeth Böhnlein, Projektbüro Hildesheim 2025